Instagram rolls out ‘Ads with Promo Codes’

Instagram rolled out its latest feature, “Ads with Promo Codes,” to all brands worldwide this Monday, following its announcement last week. The new feature now enables advertisers to captivate potential customers by showcasing promo codes directly in the caption. These codes can subsequently be redeemed during the checkout process.

During ShopTalk 2024, Meta unveiled the forthcoming option, mirroring the existing format already accessible on Facebook in certain regions. “Advertisers who used this feature had a 9.1% median reduction in cost per purchase in their campaigns and a 10.1% median increase in conversions,” Meta said

Meta has been actively exploring promo code strategies for years, employing techniques such as barcodes on Facebook to enhance the connection between online and offline activities. This recent iteration offers increased motivation for utilizing discount codes, encouraging shoppers to make immediate purchases rather than scrolling past and revisiting the offer later.

According to recent research, Instagram is the go-to choice for Gen Z’s local business searches, overtaking search giant Google. With the new feature, it might be much easier to convince users who come to the platform to search for products to buy and direct them to checkout.

Written by Maya Robertson


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