Google expands AR try-on tools: hair color, foundation & more

Google is ramping up its augmented reality (AR) try-on offerings by introducing innovative features, including tools for experimenting with hair colors and foundation shades, expanding its repertoire of virtual testing capabilities.

The new hair color try-on feature allows users to explore a range of hair color options and visualize themselves with different tones. Although this application of AR for hair color change may seem straightforward, accurately differentiating and rendering hair colors can be a technical challenge. Google has been diligently enhancing its technology to provide a reliable and commercially viable solution.

Furthermore, Google is rolling out a foundation try-on tool, empowering users to experiment with various makeup styles to see how they would look.

These AR try-on tools are expected to provide a reasonably accurate representation of how different tones and shades would appear on an individual, accounting for variations in light conditions and skin tones.

Google is making these tools accessible beyond its native app, with hair and foundation try-on capabilities becoming available in mobile web browsers across the United States. Moreover, AR lip and eye makeup tools are expected to land on the mobile web shortly.

Beyond these enhancements, Google is integrating AR try-on options into paid promotions through the introduction of new AR beauty ads. Additionally, shopping ads can now showcase try-on experiences instead of traditional product images.

In a similar vein, back in May, Meta made a comparable announcement about incorporating augmented reality (AR) into Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories ads. This strategic move allows brands to engage with their target audience more effectively through captivating AR filters. 

As tech giants such as Meta and Google increasingly integrate AR technology, it becomes evident that this innovative tool is making significant inroads in the advertising sphere. It empowers brands to craft captivating and interactive campaigns that resonate with their target audiences. The growing popularity of AR suggests that it will play a pivotal role in reshaping our interactions and perceptions of the world around us.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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