Facebook adds new features for Group admins to manage communities more effectively

Facebook yesterday announced new features that will help Group admins keep their groups safe and healthy, reduce misinformation, and make it easier to manage and grow their communities with relevant audiences.

One of the features the company announced is the ability through Admin Assist to automatically decline incoming posts that are determined to contain false information. With this feature, incoming posts containing content that has been rated as false by third-party fake-checkers will be rejected before they are seen in the group.

The company is also expanding the functionality of “mute” and updating it to “suspend,” so admins and moderators can temporarily suspend group members and participants from posting, commenting, reacting, participating in a group chat, and creating or entering a Room in a group.

Group admins can now also use Admin Assist to automatically approve or decline member requests based on certain criteria they set up, including whether the prospective member has completed all member questions.

Facebook has also added an overview page on desktop to let admins quickly review things that need attention, a layout update to more easily sort and search tasks, and an insights summary on mobile to help admins understand the growth and engagement of their groups.

The company has also added QR codes and the option to send invites via email in order to make it easier for admins to invite users more easily. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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