The 6 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Raising a child is a quite difficult and responsible situation. Children grow up under the influence of external factors as well as within the family. Today, we see smartphones in the hands of 4-5-year-old children with the widespread use of the Internet. While the Internet can be a great educational tool for children when used wisely, it can also set a bad example with inappropriate content. So how do we protect our children from inappropriate content? This is where parental control apps developed for parents come into play. These apps offer parents many features such as a website, app limitation, time adjustment, and GPS tracking system. You can see which sites your child is visiting, and even receive notifications when they go to school thanks to these apps. We would list the best parental control apps for iPhone for you among many apps. Here are the bests!

Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $6.99 – $19.99

Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the best parental control apps for iPhone. The app allows parents to create allowed and prohibited lists. Keeps kids away from inappropriate content with bad websites and content filtering. Kaspersky Safe Kids provides blocking of inappropriate YouTube search requests and control of games and app usage. Parents can limit daily device usage with this application. Also, the app offers advice from child psychologists for parents.

In addition, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers features such as GPS child location, safe area settings, YouTube call history, and a battery level checker with the premium version of the app.

Kaspersky Safe Kids on the App Store

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FamiSafe-Parental Control App

Price: Free/ In-App Purchase: $9.99 – $59.99

FamiSafe is a parental security app with features such as limiting screen time, location tracking, website filtering, game/porn blocking, suspicious photos detection, and suspicious text detection. The app allows parents to customize the keywords that trigger the detection.

FamiSafe also reports to parents how much time children spend online. It helps you plan daily or weekly app usage with a remote screen timeline.

Also, the app comes with a location tracker and GPS phone tracker. Parents can see their child’s current location and location history through the app. FamiSafe allows the creation of a safe zone, and parents will receive a notification when children leave the territory.

FamiSafe-Parental Control App on the App Store

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KidsGuard – Parental control

Price: Free/ In-App Purchase: $9.99 – $49.99

KidsGuard, which can be used to control up to 3 devices, aims to create a safe internet environment for children. The app provides the ability to take screenshots remotely and lock the screen instantly. Thus parents can control all their children’s activities. Users can block malicious and harmful sites with this KidsGuard.

In addition, the app allows you to follow your children with the real-time location feature. Parents can set areas for their children and receive alerts when children are in those areas. With the comprehensive reports offered by the app, parents can create online programs for their children.

KidsGuard on the App Store

FamilyTime Parental Controls

Price: Free/ In-App Purchase: $26.99 – $68.99

FamilyTime is among the best parental control apps for iPhone. Parents can ensure the safety of their children online and offline with this app. FamilyTime has useful features like app blocking, child tracker, family locator, screen time allowance, content filters, geo-fencing, app restrictions, and much more.

Users can also set rules such as bedtime, dinner time, and homework time with FamilyTime. Parents can manage their children’s time spent with devices and remove access to unwanted apps with FamilyTime.

FamilyTime Parental Controls on the App Store

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Circle Smart Family Control App

Price: Free/ In-App Purchase: $9.99 – $89.99

Circle Smart Family Control App is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use parental control app. Circle Smart has additional parental control features like pause, history, rewards, and bedtime. The app offers parents features to set screen time limits and filters.

Parents can see the sites their kids visit and try to visit all day long with Circle Smart. In this way, parents can do the appropriate filtering. In addition, with the Circle Smart location tracking feature, parents can safely track their children.

Circle Smart Family Control App on the App Store

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ScreenGuide Parental Control

Price: Free/ In-App Purchase: $2.08 – $24.99

ScreenGuide is a parental control app with useful features like Internet filtering, a list of selected apps to be hidden or accessible by children, and much more, and it’s just one of the best parental control apps for iPhone. The app helps children use their time correctly with its daily screen time setting feature. With the timeout feature in the app, parents can lock the devices. Parents can also remotely install the apps they want on their child’s device and help them use the apps that are efficient for them.

ScreenGuide Parental Control on the App Store

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