Best iOS Apps: TurboTax – Tax Return App

Hello everyone, I’m Sophie. It is a difficult task for so many people to deal with taxes, right? In today’s article, we’ll talk about a finance app that makes it much easier. Millions of people use this iOS app and it is now the 4th one in the Finance category on the App Store.

Now let’s start and get to know more about the best iOS app of the day: TurboTax – Tax Return App.

How To File Your Taxes Easily With TurboTax – Tax Return App

Many people in the USA are now talking about this finance app with which it is much easier to file your taxes. Here is a quick video of this trending iOS app which you can easily use on your iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch.

Now that we’ve talked about what this finance app is about, let’s move on to its app rankings.

App Rankings of TurboTax Tax Return App

As we mentioned earlier, the TurboTax app is now one of the most popular iOS apps in the Finance category.

According to AppAnnie, just two weeks ago, it was the 821st app in the US-Overall category and the 25th app in the US-Finance category. But now,

It is the 60th app in the US-Overall category and the 4th one in the US-Finance category!

It is time for the app ratings & reviews!

App Ratings & Reviews of the TurboTax App

You can’t get your app stand out from the crowd if you don’t serve users a good and functional experience. Intuit Inc. is aware of this fact and has developed this app in light of it. 

As of now, the popular finance app has more than 262.3K app ratings on the App Store. Average app rating is 4.8 out of 5. Congrats!

TurboTax App System Requirements 

To use the best iOS app of the day on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, you need iOS 11.0 and watchOS 3.0 or up. The app size is 199.5MB. 

How To Download TurboTax – Tax Return App

It is just a click away to download this finance app. Also, here is the official website if you need further info.  

Have you used the TurboTax before? We’re looking forward to your ideas or recommendations! Don’t forget to visit our Hot Apps page for more! 

Written by Sophie Blake


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