The 10 Best Free Solitaire Games for iPhone

Solitaire games have long been a favorite pastime for card enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of strategy and relaxation. With the advent of mobile gaming, iPhone users can now enjoy a plethora of free Solitaire games right at their fingertips. In this curated list, we bring you the best free Solitaire games for iPhone, ensuring hours of entertainment and strategic card-playing fun.

The Best Free Solitaire Games for iPhone

  1. Solitaire by MobilityWare
  2. Solitaire by PlayStudios
  3. Solitaire by PeopleFun
  4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  5. Solitaire by Microsoft
  6. FreeCell Solitaire Card Game
  7. Solitaire by nerByte
  8. Solitaire by Tripledot Studios
  9. Solitaire Ⓞ
  10. Spider Solitaire

Solitaire by MobilityWare

MobilityWare’s Solitaire stands as the original and premier creator of the free Solitaire app for both iPad and iPhone users. Boasting a rich array of features, this popular Solitaire game provides daily challenges, allowing players to test their card-playing skills with fresh puzzles regularly. Beyond the gameplay, users can enhance their experience with engaging elements like reaction stickers, shareable through iMessage, adding a social and interactive dimension to the classic card game. 

Moreover, players enjoy customization options, including personalized backgrounds, card backs, and card faces, ensuring a tailored and visually appealing Solitaire experience. Additionally, the game offers a “Show Me How to Win” feature, empowering users to refine their strategies and elevate their proficiency in the timeless game of Solitaire.

Solitaire by MobilityWare on the App Store

Solitaire by PlayStudios

Kicking off our list is the aptly named “Solitaire: Classic Card Games.” True to its name, this game delivers the timeless classic Solitaire experience with intuitive controls, stunning visuals, and customizable themes. Whether you’re a seasoned Solitaire pro or a beginner, this game offers the perfect way to unwind and sharpen your card-playing skills.

Solitaire by PlayStudios on the App Store

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Solitaire by PeopleFun

Embark on an endless journey of puzzle games with PeopleFun’s Solitaire game, offering an expansive collection of free, top-tier games. Boasting a Smart Point System and diverse difficulty levels—Easy, Medium, and Hard— PeopleFun’s Solitaire is one of the best free solitaire games for iPhone. 

Experience the seamless control of card movements with Solitaire, providing an effortlessly intuitive interface. Utilize the tap-to-place feature, allowing you to simply tap the desired card, triggering a magical, automated move. Alternatively, enjoy the freedom of assisted drag-and-drop mechanism, enabling you to place cards anywhere that results in a valid move. Solitaire ensures a user-friendly experience, offering multiple options for controlling card actions and putting you firmly in charge of the gameplay.

Solitaire by PeopleFun on the App Store

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection brings a modern twist to the classic game, offering a variety of Solitaire variants like Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and more. With daily challenges, Xbox Live integration, and stunning graphics, this app ensures a fresh and engaging Solitaire experience every day.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection on the App Store

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Solitaire by Zynga

You can play Zynga’s solitaire game, which offers daily challenges, special events and easy-to-play deals, with either your right or left hand. Zynga’s Solitaire, one of the best free solitaire games for iPhone, also offers the features you need such as customization options and unlimited undo.

Solitaire by Zynga on the App Store

FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

FreeCell enthusiasts will appreciate this rendition of the classic game. Featuring unlimited undos, auto-play options, and challenging daily goals, FreeCell Solitaire Card Game provides an immersive and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels.

Embark on a FreeCell adventure with dynamic goal progressions and an enhanced scoring system, tracking your personal best scores. Engage with daily challenges that present new goals for you to conquer. By completing these daily objectives, you’ll earn valuable XP and have the opportunity to level up, unlocking exclusive titles along your journey!

FreeCell Solitaire Card Game on the App Store

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Solitaire by nerByte

This app delivers an authentically solitary experience, ensuring you are engaged and entertained. Diversify your gameplay with DAILY CHALLENGES, offering a unique test each day and the chance to earn crowns. Accumulate daily crowns throughout a month to claim an exclusive trophy. 

Embrace the simplicity of the interface, relish unlimited undos, and personalize your settings, choosing between portrait or landscape mode and draw 1 or 3 card mode. Track your progress with detailed statistics, employ the “Tap to move” control for swift gameplay, and customize your experience with various card decks and backgrounds. Whether you prefer right or left-handed mode, daily challenges, or alternative game modes like Yukon and Vegas scoring, this Solitaire app provides an exceptional and free gaming experience on iOS. 

Solitaire by nerByte on the App Store

Solitaire by Tripledot Studios

Whether you prefer offline or online play, this game caters to all your Solitaire needs for FREE. Immerse yourself in beautiful graphics, engage with fun daily challenges, and explore new features like the IQ testing mode. Test your IQ, customize your cards, table, and game mode, and choose between classic or Vegas scoring as you play it your way. 

With unlimited free undo and hints, customizable designs, tablet support, and the option to play offline, this app offers the ideal environment for Solitaire enthusiasts. Whether you’re tackling Daily Challenges, engaging in random or winnable solitaire decks, or embracing left-handed mode, Solitaire by Tripledot Studios is one of the best free solitaire game for iPhone. 

Solitaire by Tripledot Studios on the App Store

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Solitaire Ⓞ

Solitaire O offers a delightful gaming experience with its array of features. Immerse yourself in beautiful graphics as you engage in classic Klondike gameplay. Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited free undo and hints, ensuring you have the freedom to refine your strategy. Explore the challenge of All Winning deals or test your skills in Timed mode. Choose between drawing 1 or 3 cards, and experience the satisfaction of Autocomplete for a solved game. 

Track your progress with detailed statistics and personal records. Customize your card style, switch to left-handed mode if desired, and enjoy a seamless experience with tablet support. Whether you prefer the portrait or landscape orientation, Solitaire O provides a versatile and visually appealing solitaire gaming environment.

Solitaire Ⓞ on the App Store

Spider Solitaire

For those seeking a challenging Solitaire variant, Spider Solitaire is the perfect choice. This game requires strategic thinking as you aim to arrange the cards in descending order. With multiple difficulty levels and a clean design, Spider Solitaire offers a captivating and brain-teasing experience.

Spider Solitaire prioritizes user-friendly interactions with easy tap-to-move controls, ensuring swift and seamless gameplay. Tailor the settings to suit your preferences, adjusting the difficulty with 1-4 suit games. The Unrestricted Deal setting allows you to deal new cards, even when faced with empty slots. Take advantage of the unlimited undo option and customize how hints are displayed. Track your gaming prowess with detailed statistics, including Games Won, Average Time, and Winning Streaks. Whether you prefer right-hand or left-hand play, and whether you opt for landscape or portrait view, Spider Solitaire offers a versatile and enjoyable solitaire experience.

Spider Solitaire on the App Store

Whether you’re a casual player or a devoted Solitaire enthusiast, these best free Solitaire games for iPhone offer a diverse range of experiences. From classic Klondike to innovative twists like Solitaire Showtime, these games ensure that the joy of playing cards is always just a tap away. Download your favorites, shuffle the deck, and embark on a journey of strategic card-playing bliss.

Written by Sophie Blake


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