The 6 Best Co-Parenting Apps

Co-parenting can be challenging, requiring effective communication, organization, and cooperation between parents. Fortunately, technology offers solutions to help streamline this process, making it easier for parents to manage their shared responsibilities. Co-parenting apps provide a range of features designed to facilitate communication, coordinate schedules, and manage expenses, ensuring that both parents can stay involved and organized. This article explores some of the best co-parenting apps available, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $22.99 for iOS

OurFamilyWizard Co Parent App

OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App is an exclusive app that promotes regular and healthy communication between children of separated parents and stands out among the best co-parenting apps. With the OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App, users can keep everything organized and documented in one place. The app includes a feature to protect chats that children should not be able to access. The app makes it simple for separated spouses to keep track of the truth, what was said, and when. To avoid conflicts, users can use the app’s ToneMeterTM.

Furthermore, OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App allows users to create a custody schedule and parenting timeline. Users can organize events, holidays, schedules, pickups and drop-offs, school events, and other activities in one location and receive notifications about upcoming events. The app offers advanced, persistent features for expense management and allows users to use GPS Check-Ins to confirm their presence on pickup and drop-off routes. The app allows parents to share medical, school, hobby, and other information about their children while also reducing texting.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Coordinate schedules and events with a color-coded calendar.
  • Expense Log: Track and manage shared expenses with ease.
  • Message Board: Communicate through a secure messaging platform that maintains records of all interactions.
  • Journal: Document important information and share updates with the other parent.
  • Info Bank: Store and access essential information such as medical records and emergency contacts.

OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App on Google Play

OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $199.99


WeParent is a helpful family-friendly program management app that offers a 14-day free trial. The app is intended to make parenting easier and reduce stressful situations. WeParent users can use built-in templates to organize summer vacations, travels, doctor appointments, school events, and more. The entire family can use the app at the same time, allowing children to report where they are and when they are available on the calendar.

The app lets users create to-do lists, shopping lists, chore lists, and more, and it allows for simultaneous access. WeParent includes a record-keeping feature that allows co-parent messaging to be permanently archived.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Coordinate schedules and appointments with a shared calendar.
  • Document Sharing: Store and share important documents such as medical records and school reports.
  • Expense Tracking: Track and manage shared expenses.
  • Messaging: Communicate through a secure messaging platform.
  • To-Do Lists: Manage and assign tasks with shared to-do lists.

WeParent on Google Play

WeParent on the App Store

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Cozi Family Organizer

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.99

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer is a simple color-coded calendar app that lets you keep track of the entire family’s schedule in one place, making it one of the best co-parenting apps. The app uses reminders to ensure that users do not miss important events. Cozi Family Organizer allows you to send status emails to any family member on a daily and weekly basis.

The app allows users to create shopping lists and to-do lists, which can be easily accessed by anyone. Divorced parents can access their children’s favorite recipes at any time and from any location thanks to the app’s recipe box feature.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place.
  • Shopping Lists: Create and share shopping lists to ensure both parents can contribute.
  • To-Do Lists: Manage and assign tasks with a shared to-do list.
  • Meal Planning: Plan meals and create shopping lists based on your menu.
  • Journal: Document family memories and milestones.

Cozi Family Organizer on Google Play

Cozi Family Organizer on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $79.99


FamCal is a beneficial app that facilitates family member synchronization and ranks among the best co-parenting apps. The app allows users to share events with their entire family, and they can add and edit events that are visible to everyone in the family. FamCal includes a calendar and an agenda view, as well as the ability to set reminders. With FamCal, divorced parents can share lists and assign tasks to family members. There are no restrictions on the app’s ability to share and take notes.

In addition, FamCal’s premium version includes a text month view, shared contacts, a birth tracker, an anniversary tracker, and an export calendar for $4.99 per month or $26.99 per year.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Coordinate schedules and keep everyone informed with a shared calendar.
  • Task Management: Create and assign tasks to family members.
  • Shopping Lists: Manage shopping lists collaboratively.
  • Event Reminders: Set reminders for important events and appointments.
  • Shared Contacts: Keep track of important contacts in one place.

FamCal on Google Play

FamCal on the App Store

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $399.99


2Houses is an excellent app for separated parents with children that aims to assist separated parents in communicating, organizing, and reducing emotional stress. The app includes an interactive calendar that all family members can use. The app provides a secure and permanent message area for separate parents, allowing users to easily track all of their communications.

Users can save their children’s doctor, fitness trainer, dance teacher, clothing size, social security number, school documents, and more in the app’s knowledge base and access them anytime, anywhere. 2Houses offers a simple and effective financial management system to help separated parents organize their finances.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Synchronize schedules and events with a shared calendar.
  • Financial Management: Track expenses and manage shared financial responsibilities.
  • Messaging: Communicate through a secure messaging platform.
  • Photo Album: Share photos and memories in a private, secure space.
  • Information Bank: Store important information such as medical records and school details.

2Houses on Google Play

2Houses on the App Store


Price: Free


AppClose is one of the best co-parenting apps, aiming to reduce the difficulties of co-parenting. The app has no monthly or subscription fees and offers users a multifunctional calendar. AppClose gives users a messaging space that cannot be changed or deleted, allowing different peers to securely store their conversations.

The app supports video and phone calls, as well as group chats with multiple users. Users can use AppClose Solo if the co-parent does not want to use the app. In unexpected situations and emergencies, the app allows users to quickly send pickup, drop-off, or change-of-day requests, and it includes an ipayou® built-in payment solution.

Key Features:

  • Shared Calendar: Plan and coordinate schedules with ease, ensuring both parents are always informed.
  • Expense Tracking: Manage and track shared expenses, and even request payments directly within the app.
  • Messaging: Communicate through a secure and private messaging system that keeps records of all exchanges.
  • Document Storage: Safely store and share important documents such as medical records, school reports, and more.
  • Memos: Create and share notes and reminders for easy communication about tasks and responsibilities.

AppClose on Google Play

AppClose on the App Store

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