The 7 Best Chemistry Apps

Chemistry is a science that is found in many parts of our lives. There are many chemistry apps that those who are interested in chemistry, students, and even teachers will love to use. Instead of using paper as a primitive, you can try the features offered by chemistry apps. It is possible to use these educational apps anywhere and anytime! Without further ado, we have listed the best chemistry apps for you. Here are the best!

Chemistry Pro 2022 – Notes

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99

Chemistry Pro takes its place among the best chemistry apps for Android. This app which is helping you refresh your knowledge and prepare for exams, provides chemistry topics, definitions, and periodic tables. Also, this app which is suitable for all chemistry levels from primary school to university has a clean interface material design and is very easy to use.

Moreover, Chemistry Pro has the Chemistry Dictionary with over 500 definitions and lets you search for anything in chemistry. The app comes with more than 20 vital chemistry Concepts and provides detailed information about chemical Elements. Also, the app has a dark theme, and those who study chemistry late at night can use it easily.

In addition, Chemistry Pro covers Basic Chemistry, Atomic structure, Element Classification, States of Matter, Chemical Bonding, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Colloidal State, Hydrogen, S-Block Elements, P-Block Elements, Environmental Chemistry, and more.

Chemistry Pro 2022 – Notes on Google Play

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $15.99

Molecolarium is a handy chemistry app with Melecole images. The app offers compensation for non-redox reactions with auto-completion and text recognition. Molecolarium features naming [IUPAC, stock, traditional], formula, and sort by weight, and comes with a list of GHS codes and pictograms.

In addition, the app helps you find the molecule you are looking for by comparing it with all the data in the molecules that highlight your demand with real-time search in the app. You can view a molecule you have customized in detail at a time with sorting filters and search.

Molecolarium on Google Play

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Periodic Table 2022 PRO

Price: $1.99

Periodic Table 2022 PRO is an app that will help you immerse yourself in a huge and fascinating world of chemistry, and it is one of the best chemistry apps. The app offers the default IUPAC long periodic table and the short table with eight groups.

Also, Periodic Table 2022 PRO offers much chemical information such as “Antimon’s atomic radius is 133pm and Germany’s electronegativity is 2.01.”, “Tellurium has a boiling point of -990°C.”, and “Aluminum has a boiling point of 2518.82°C.” 

In addition, the pro version of the app has more interactive tables, Molecular Mass Calculator, access to more than 3000 isotopes, a chemistry terms dictionary, Radioactivity, half-life, conductivity, electric type, and magnetic type.

Periodic Table 2022 PRO on Google Play

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QuickChem: Chemistry Calc

Price: Free

QuickChem is a magnificent app for basic chemistry and is among the best chemistry apps. The app offers features such as molar mass, mass percent composition, empirical formula, element information, and water solubility.

Furthermore, QuickChem has a dedicated keyboard for advanced formula entry, compound diagrams, and annotations. The app allows you to search by Name (water) or formula (H₂O) and you visualize data with graphs.

QuickChem: Chemistry Calc on Google Play

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Chemical Formulas Quiz

Price: Free

Chemical Formulas Quiz is an app that helps you learn the chemical formulas of inorganic and organic substances and ions. You can test yourself and after the subject is studied, you can give an exam to yourself and your friends with the app.

Chemical Formulas Quiz on Google Play

Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry

Price: Free

Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry is an app that offers a large amount of data on chemical elements and is one of the best chemistry apps. The table in the app has a long form approved by IUPAC. Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry gives you up-to-date information when you click on any item and has a direct link to Wikipedia for each item. In addition, Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry has a user-friendly search feature and a resolution data table.

Periodic Table 2022: Chemistry on Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $4.99 – $39.99

KingDraw is a chemical drawing editor that allows them to draw molecules and reactions. The app offers many features like AI image recognition, real-time 3D modeling, conversion between IUPAC names and chemical structures, chemical property analysis, structural formula search, intelligent gesture drawing, and smart beautification.

Furthermore, KingDraw provides multi-format compatibility and supports cdx., mol., SMILES, etc. The app allows easy saving in various file formats like ACS 1996, and KingDraw supports drawing standards such as ACS 1996.

KingDraw on Google Play

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