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Do you want to learn American Sign Language? If your answer is yes, continue reading! Communication is the primary way of expressing ourselves, and we can meet most of our basic needs through communication. So how do we communicate with a deaf person? Whether it’s for curiosity or for making deaf friends, learning ASL is a pretty unique experience. We have reviewed and listed the best ASL apps for you. Here are the best!


Price: Free


SignSchool is a helpful and free app for those who want to learn American sign language. Users can use the app 24/7 wherever they are. From the app’s dictionary, users can access thousands of signs from various groups of signifiers and various dialects. SignSchool has hundreds of signage covering various topics and users can choose any category they want.

In addition, the app has a slow-motion feature so users can watch the signs in more detail when they want to go slow. SignSchool offers multiple-choice games to make learning more fun and easy. The app shares a new sign every day as the sign of the day to teach its users a new sign every day. For more information, visit SignSchool’s website.

SignSchool on Google Play

SignSchool on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $134.99


Lingvano is a fun and understandable app for those who want to learn ASL. The app offers interactive and instructive dialogues to develop practical speaking skills. Lingvano has a vocabulary tutorial so that users can strengthen their memory and keep what they have learned in their memory for a long time. Users can search for a specific sign and phrase with Lingvano. Also, the app comes with a sign language learning mirror. Thus users can test themselves. For more detailed information, check out Lingvano’s website.

Lingvano on Google Play

Lingvano on the App Store

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ACE ASL: Learn Fingerspelling

Price: Free

ACE ASL: Learn Fingerspelling is a successful and functional app and is among the best ASL apps. The app is an AI-based ASL app, so users get instant feedback on their sign. Users will easily learn numbers and letters with the app. Users can improve their expressive and receptive skills and observe themselves with ACE ASL: Learn Fingerspelling. 

In addition, users practice the signs with their phone’s camera and can evaluate their progress in sign language after each unit. The app is ad-free and offers a tutorial focused only on finger typing and numbers. 

ACE ASL: Learn Fingerspelling on Google Play

ACE ASL: Learn Fingerspelling on the App Store

The ASL app

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

The ASL app is an app created by deaf people and aims to facilitate teaching. People of all ages can effortlessly use the app wherever they want. The app aims for intuitive and fast-paced learning and is one of the best ASL apps. Users can adjust the videos in the app according to their learning speed. The app offers tips and has a favorites folder. Users can collect frequently used or used signs in the favorites folder.

Additionally, The ASL app provides users with the ASL alphabet, numbers, universal gestures, hand shaping gestures, and basics for free. For more, users have to pay the $9.99 fee, this way they get rid of the boring ads. To learn more detailed information, check out the website of the app.

The ASL app on Google Play

The ASL app on the App Store

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Baby Sign Dictionary ASL

Price: $2.99

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL is an app used by parents who want to learn their baby’s language and understand what they want, and it stands out among the best ASL apps. The app contains 340 signs and more than 1 hour of real-life videos. Baby Sign Dictionary ASL  has a baby sign language dictionary that strengthens the communication of parents with their children. The app offers high-quality graphics and videos

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL on Google Play

Baby Sign Dictionary ASL on the App Store

ASL Bloom

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $98.99

ASL Bloom

ASL Bloom is an effective ASL app with 20 modules each covering different topics and deserves to be among the best ASL apps. Users will learn new signs and grammar and get plenty of practice with the modules in the app. ASL Bloom is appreciated by the users of its gamified lessons. For more information, browse ASL Bloom’s website.

ASL Bloom on Google Play

ASL Bloom on the App Store

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