The 14 Best Apple TV Apps

Do you want to make better and more active use of your Apple TV? Then you should definitely read this article! We’ve reviewed and listed the best Apple TV apps that are compatible with Apple TV and have a variety of features and functions, such as music, movie watching, hobbies, podcasts, and more. Here are the best of the best!

Amazon Prime Video

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $8.99

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best Apple TV apps for finding popular movies, TV shows, and sports all in one place. The app contains an offline viewing feature, allowing users to download and watch content whenever they want. Users can continue watching their favorite content while interacting with the website or an app thanks to Amazon Prime Video’s PiP (Picture in Picture) feature. The app supports multiple user profiles and provides personalized recommendations based on the user’s preferences.

Amazon Prime Video on the App Store

Breathing Zone

Price: Free

Breathing Zone

Breathing Zone is a visually appealing app that allows you to perform breathing exercises on your Apple TV. The app guides users through effective breathing exercises and assists them in experiencing mindfulness. Users can use Breathing Zone to improve their mood, reduce stress, breathe properly, feel more energized, and relax. Users of the Breathing Zone have access to science-based therapeutic breathing techniques that help reduce heart rates and stabilize high blood pressure over time.

Breathing Zone on the App Store

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Infuse – Video Player

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $94.99

Infuse Video Player

Infuse – Video Player is a superb video player app with a beautiful interface and precise controls that allow users to watch nearly any video format. Users can upload and watch their videos without having to convert them with Infuse. The app comes with successful AirPlay, Trakt sync, and subtitle support and is among the best Apple TV apps. Infuse supports almost all video formats, including MP4, MKV, M4V, and MOV, and can stream from other devices such as a Mac, PC, NAS, and more.

Infuse – Video Player on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $109.99


Disney+ is an outstanding app with marvelous material that includes Marvel, Star Wars, and more, with new content added on a regular basis. With Disney+, users can easily access newly released movies, original series, and more. Disney+ includes over 100 titles in 4K UHD and HDR, allowing users to watch on four screens at once. Users can see the full scale and coverage of IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio with the app IMAX Enhanced, and filter the content their children watch with multiple parental control features.

Disney+ on the App Store

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Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $59.99

Twitch Live Game Streaming

Twitch is an incredible tool that connects thousands of communities. Users can watch their favorite games and streamers while also discovering new content. Twitch is an app that contains information in almost every field, and users can easily watch their favorite broadcasters’ chats and gameplay tactics from their Apple TV. The app has a dark mode feature and stands out among the best Apple TV apps. .

Twitch: Live Game Streaming on the App Store

FE File Explorer Pro TV

Price: $4.99

FE File Explorer Pro TV

FE File Explorer Pro TV is a beneficial and wonderful media player app that ranks among the best Apple TV apps. With FE File Explorer Pro TV, users can easily stream music, videos, and photos from their PC and NAS to their Apple TV. Users can use the app to connect to WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP servers, as well as automatically discover computers and NAS. FE File Explorer Pro TV supports video formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, XVID, MKV, RMVB, WMV, and FLV and has two different themes, light and dark.

FE File Explorer Pro TV on the App Store

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Plex: Stream Movies & TV

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $149.99

Plex Stream Movies TV

Plex is an excellent app that contains all of your favorite series, movies, TV shows, and more. Plex allows users to watch live TV for free and discover new content. The app offers over 300 free live programs, including news channels such as CBS, The Financial Times, Euronews, and others. The app contains the ability to watch movies both online and offline and deserves to be among the best Apple TV apps. The app allows users to watch movies in a variety of genres, including horror, comedy, drama, fantasy, anime, and many others.

Plex: Stream Movies & TV on the App Store

Night Sky

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $229.99

Night Sky

Night Sky is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to explore the sky from your television. The app teaches users about the mysteries of the sky and allows them to travel in space in the past and future. Users can view and examine the position of the stars on the night of their birth. The app has billions of stars and is considered one of the best Apple TV apps. Users can use the app to explore planetary interiors and receive sky notifications. Night Sky includes aurora mapping, an AR object discovery feature, night red mode, a light pollution indicator, and other features.

Night Sky on the App Store

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Kitchen Stories: Tasty Recipes

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $24.99

Kitchen Stories Tasty Recipes

Kitchen Stories is a perfect app for those who enjoy cooking and want to try new recipes, as well as for beginners. The app has thousands of free and delectable recipes. Kitchen Stories is simple to use, and new recipes, articles, and tips are added daily. Users can publish their recipes and collect their favorite recipes in one place by creating personal profiles. The app contains a measurement converter feature that allows users to easily convert ingredient measurements to portion sizes. Kitchen Stories includes recipes for all diets, including vegetarian, vegan, carbohydrate, gluten-free, and low-calorie options.

Kitchen Stories: Tasty Recipes on the App Store

Radio – Receiver

Price: $3.99

Radio Receiver

Radio – Receiver is a one-of-a-kind app with over 40,000 radio stations for those who enjoy listening to music, podcasts, news, and other content. For podcast fans, the app provides over 25,000 podcasts on various topics and allows users to add their own streams. Users can use the app to search for music by genre, sound quality, popularity, region, and more, as well as create their favorite list. The app has a dark mode, HomePod support, CarPlay support, and other features, and it is among the best Apple TV apps.

Radio –  Receiver on the App Store

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Spotify – Music and Podcasts

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $16.99

Spotify Music and Podcasts 1

Spotify is a popular music and podcast app with an extensive library. Users can create profiles, create playlists of their favorite songs, search for music by lyrics, and more. Users can follow their favorite singers, bands, and podcasts through the app, which also allows for offline listening. Spotify provides personalized music recommendations based on the music users listen to, allowing them to discover new music that is similar to their taste.

Spotify – Music and Podcasts on the App Store


Price: $6.99


Lumy is an exclusive app that keeps you in sync with the sun. The app is suitable for photographers, filmmakers, and others, and it provides users with information about daytime lighting. Lumy allows users to plan their outdoor activities and get more out of their days. The app works in harmony with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and HomePod, as well as Apple TV, and it counts as one of the best Apple TV apps.

Lumy on the App Store

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99


Crunchyroll is a fantastic app with an extensive anime library that will keep anime fans glued to their television screens. The app contains over 1,000 anime episodes from previous and current seasons, including Generations, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Black Clover. The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, In the Land of Leadale, ORIENT, My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and other titles are available on Crunchyroll. The app offers a 14-day free trial period.

Crunchyroll on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $0.99


Rumble is a successful app that includes features such as live streaming, channel creation, video hosting, a user-friendly interface, licensing, and video monetization. The app is a satisfying alternative to YouTube, with channels from major creators such as the NY Post, Page Six, Donald Trump Jr, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino.

Rumble on the App Store

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