Best Android Apps: SHAREit – Transfer & Share

We are getting more digital every day. As a result, the number of digital documents is increasing day by day. However, the transfer of these documents between devices can sometimes be quite difficult. Our guest application today makes it very easy.

More than 1 billion Android users have already downloaded this application. Let’s get to know the best android app of the day without waiting more: SHAREit – Transfer & Share.

The Best Sharing App: SHAREit – Transfer&Share

SHAREit claims that it is the best sharing application on the market. Users should have similar thoughts about SHAREit that the app has more than 1 billion downloads.

So what does the SHAREit application promise?

As you can see above, SHAREit is more than a transfer application. You can also easily access the trending music, movies, videos, GIFs and etc.

And you can…

Using SHAREit Transfer & Share, you can even transfer applications that have large app sizes such as PUBG Mobile to other devices, without using internet data!

Now let’s check out its app rankings.

App Rankings of the SHAREit App

The SHAREit app is very popular especially in the Middle East and Asia countries.

According to AppBrain, the popular sharing app is,

  • #1 in the Overall/Top Free category in Iran,
  • #1 in the Applications/Top Free category in Iran,
  • #1 in the Tools/Top Free category in Iran,
  • #1 in the Tools/Top Free category in India,
  • #1 in the Tools/Top Free category in Russia,
  • #1 in the Tools/Top Free category in Indonesia,

You can see its other ranking figures above. Time for the app ratings!

App Reviews & Ratings of the SHAREit App

The SHAREit app currently has 13,075,494 app reviews on the Google Play Store.

The average app rating is 4.3. Quite good! By the way, despite the large number of app reviews, SHAREit responds to each comment individually.

It’s a must for an app to climb up to the top. ?

Now let’s move on to the system requirements.

SHAREit App – System Requirements

The latest version (5.2.88_ww) requires 4.1 and up. It was last updated on January 17 and is updated regularly.

The app size is quite light. If you want to download it, all you need is 29MB free storage. 

How To Download The SHAREit App

You can click here to download this trending Android app from the Google Play Store. 

Developers Website:

Don’t forget to share your opinions about the app with us in the comment section below. You want us to examine a specific app? Let us know!

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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