AppsFlyer acquires AI-powered user acquisition and monetization platform oolo

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AppsFlyer has recently completed its second acquisition in less than a month. In this latest move, the marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics firm has acquired oolo, a platform driven by artificial intelligence that specializes in user acquisition and monetization. 

oolo stands out for its capability to automatically analyze real-time app data, predicting performance, identifying areas for growth, and detecting anomalies in ad revenue. Appsflyer states that the acquisition enhances its range of products and services, allowing the company to introduce comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the interconnected requirements of modern marketing, growth, and monetization teams. 

oolo provides a continuously updated alert system designed to streamline the identification of anomalies, pinpoint immediate growth prospects, and address inefficiencies, addressing the daily optimization hurdles faced by growth marketers. Leveraging data from marketing campaigns for self-training on distinguishing normal patterns from irregularities, oolo highlights and prioritizes the most crucial, significant, and detailed insights.

oolo will continue its operations under the name “oolo by AppsFlyer.”

“Adapting to the ever-changing digital ecosystem requires innovative solutions that can offer privacy-centric, actionable insights for optimal decision-making,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-Founder at AppsFlyer. 

“oolo’s unique technology, team and expertise will play a key role in our continual pursuit to build a holistic platform that accommodates the shifting expectations, roles and challenges of modern marketing teams. The combination of oolo’s innovative technology with AppsFlyer’s industry leading measurement platform offers brands new opportunities to harness AI’s full capabilities to optimize their growth and monetization strategies. We believe the future of data-driven decisions is in smart AI rather than the static tools which are common today, and oolo’s cutting-edge AI technology enables us to better serve the increasing demands of our customers and meet their evolving needs.”

AppsFlyer’s acquisition of oolo marks the company’s second acquisition in the current year, coming on the heels of its recent acquisition of devtodev, a comprehensive data analytics solution designed for game and app developers. 

Both oolo and devtodev are set to be among the pioneering applications featured in AppsFlyer’s recently unveiled Privacy Cloud Marketplace. This platform will empower data, analytics, and AI providers to construct their products utilizing AppsFlyer’s APIs, allowing for seamless integration of their services without the need to transfer or share user data with external entities.

“It’s an exciting time for us at oolo,” said Yuval Brener, CEO of oolo. “This acquisition is set to blaze a trail in the data analytics space as we join forces with AppsFlyer to provide state-of-the-art data monitoring technologies for brands around the world. With AppsFlyer’s proven track-record, large client base, and privacy-preserving architecture, our customers will benefit from an integrated approach to growth decision-making unlike anything seen before.”

In August, AppsFlyer introduced an enhancement to its data clean room, enabling marketers to pose business queries using everyday language rather than requiring the use of SQL for data analysis.

Written by Sophie Blake


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