AppsFlyer acquires gaming and apps data analytics firm devtodev

Marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics firm AppsFlyer announced its acquisition of devtodev, a comprehensive data analytics solution tailored for game and app developers.

AppsFlyer says the acquisition not only enhances its core offerings and represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the new AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud Marketplace but also broadens the company’s capabilities to address the evolving requirements of contemporary gaming and digital enterprises while seamlessly extending the AppsFlyer for games suite of products and resources designed for gaming companies.

Founded in 2014, devtodev specializes in assisting developers in the analysis of their games and apps, offering data-driven insights to enhance user retention, boost conversions, and create personalized experiences. The integration of AppsFlyer and devtodev technologies harmonizes the entirety of customer data within a single, robust measurement and data analytics platform, resulting in a comprehensive suite of potent tools, insights, and experiences aimed at enriching the user lifecycle and propelling business expansion.

“Devtodev’s technology, team, and expertise are a perfect match for AppsFlyer, creating a synergy that fuels not just business growth, but a visionary approach to the future,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-founder of AppsFlyer. “This collaboration fosters a spirit of unity among marketing, product, and monetization teams, empowering them with a fully integrated data ecosystem.”

Devtodev is set to become a trailblazing analytics solution seamlessly integrated into AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud Marketplace, where AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room acts as an open, interoperable platform. Devtodev’s inclusion underscores AppsFlyer’s dedication to a future in which businesses can effortlessly incorporate third-party services and AI models from multiple providers, all while safeguarding data privacy and optimizing operational efficiency.

“Our vision at devtodev has always been to empower gaming and app developers to make the best data-driven decisions,” said Dmitry Kravtsov, Founder and CEO of devtodev. “By joining forces with AppsFlyer, we will provide developers the ability to leverage integrated data, AI, and insights to create powerful, captivating experiences that drive efficient business growth.”

Back in August, AppsFlyer introduced a new feature in its data clean room, allowing marketers to ask business questions using everyday language, instead of needing to use SQL for data analysis.

Written by Sophie Blake


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