Strategus partners with PubMatic and Intent IQ to offer CTV-to-iOS retargeting

Intent IQ, Strategus, and PubMatic have joined forces in a collaborative partnership aimed at assisting advertisers in retargeting iOS device owners who have viewed an ad on a smart TV. Under the partnership, Strategus advertisers gain access to audience segments provided by Intent IQ, and the execution of campaigns is facilitated through PubMatic.

Strategus says the partnership leverages the integration of Intent IQ’s cookieless audience activation tool and PubMatic’s comprehensive audience platform, Connect. The company says the collaborative effort harnesses the collective expertise of both companies in the realms of cookieless and Connected TV (CTV) advertising, specifically retargeting of iOS users.

In the integration, Strategus initiates the creation of audience segments by aligning a brand’s first-party data with Intent IQ’s DMP. For instance, a Strategus buyer could opt to target iOS users within a specific age bracket and with particular interests.

Intent IQ enhances this process by utilizing an identity graph within its DMP to cluster individuals based on household attributes. While there is inherent uncertainty in pinpointing which household members viewed a CTV ad, advertisers can still effectively retarget individuals falling within specific target audience segments following exposure to a CTV ad.

CTV managed service provider Strategus explains the integration as follows:

  • “Intent IQ curates and enriches data signals from more than 80,000 sites on behalf of its publisher partners, creating a cookieless audience including 180 million North American users for privacy-safe audience targeting and retargeting on their iPhone, Safari and other cookieless browsers
  • The addressable cookieless audience is integrated into PubMatic Connect and can be seamlessly activated by joint PubMatic-Intent IQ advertising partners via a Deal ID targeted to a custom audience of iOS users defined by first-party or 3rd-party data
  • Strategus, a leading CTV managed service provider, uses the combined PubMatic-Intent IQ integration to improve campaign performance for CTV brand clients by allowing them to identify viewers of CTV ads and retarget them directly on their iOS devices.”

“Buyers are increasingly looking for solutions that combine consumer privacy and advertiser ROI across channels and formats at scale. We are excited to be part of this collaborative effort to enable our clients to activate iOS audiences for CTV campaigns,” said Peter Barry, VP of Addressability and Commerce at PubMatic. “Through innovative solutions like this, we look forward to helping publishers and buyers move beyond the limitations of anonymous targeting solutions to drive superior outcomes.”

“This new technology solution is a significant breakthrough, as CTV advertisers can now retarget iOS users for the first time,” said Joel Cox, co-founder and senior vice president of strategy and innovation at Strategus. “The cookieless, privacy-safe approach to retargeting makes it possible for our CTV customers to improve the performance and maximize the ROI of their advertising campaigns.”

“By combining our patented distributed identity technology with PubMatic’s programmatic infrastructure and Strategus’ CTV expertise, we can help marketers deliver immediate and improved value for their CTV advertising while also targeting the coveted iOS audiences,” said Fabrice Beer-Gabel, Vice President of Strategy at Intent IQ. “The new solution, powered by our cookieless universal ID and audience activation suite, will enable both better ROI for marketers and improved monetization for publishers.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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