Horizon Media announces SPO deal with PubMatic

Horizon Media announced Monday a supply path optimization (SPO) deal with Pubmatic, as part of a plan to streamline its SSP partners. The partnership “ will add value to Horizon Media clients’ direct, transparent, and simplified access to high-value audiences and premium inventory, including CTV, at unprecedented scale,” said Horizon Media in a press release

Founded in 1989 and has media investments of more than $9.5 billion, Horizon Media currently works with about 10 to 15 SSPs, including PubMatic, and is looking to whittle that number down even more, says Jesse Fisher, SVP Programmatic & Data at Horizon Media. 

“Horizon’s relationship with PubMatic gives our clients access to audiences at scale across channels, including CTV, and they are aligned with our own innovation to ensure our success and leadership in the future of digital advertising,” said Fisher. “Horizon Media now offers a unique combination of tools for increased cost-savings, along with access to new and exclusive product offerings with PubMatic.”

Through the partnership, Horizon’s clients who purchase open-auction inventory through its HX trade desk will be able to use PubMatic’s intelligent bid optimization to automatically optimize their bidding depending on which KPIs they want to boost, whether the deal is open auction, programmatic guaranteed or a private marketplace.

“Horizon Media is a great partner in driving efficiency, transparency, and innovation to enable the development of digital advertising and its benefits for brands, publishers, and consumers,” said Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas, at PubMatic. “Their media buying scope combined with our omnichannel quality and scale provides one of the most robust media opportunities on the open internet for both brands and publishers. We’re looking forward to delivering more custom capabilities that further improve the media buying process, deliver deeper insights, and ultimately create more value.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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