AppLovin announces integration with The Trade Desk

Mobile gaming and advertising company AppLovin has partnered with The Trade Desk to bring agencies and advertisers access to its in-app RTB exchange AppLovin Exchange (ALX) with the addition of ALX as a supply source to The Trade Desk’s platform.

The Trade Desk had bought AppLovin inventory before via the MoPub exchange. However, Applovin acquired MoPub and shut down its mobile ad exchange and SDK at the end of March. 

With this partnership, AppLovin also announced that it will be the first mobile in-app exchange to help enable Unified ID 2.0 signals for participating mobile publishers. Integrating ALX with The Trade Desk underscores AppLovin’s prioritization of identity solutions to support and enable scale to enhance targeting capabilities for advertisers across its 140,000 mobile apps on over 1.8 billion mobile devices globally.

“With the majority of programmatic bid requests taking place on mobile today, agencies and advertisers have a massive opportunity to tap into this growing market and reach their audiences on mobile,” said Meagan Martino, Head of Demand, EMEA and Americas at AppLovin. “Bringing ALX to The Trade Desk’s buyers and supporting the work going into Unified ID 2.0 is a natural next step towards our goal at AppLovin to operate the most robust in-app advertising platform in the market.”

AppLovin also says that The Trade Desk’s access to ALX will give agencies and advertisers a cost and scale advantage through direct access to all app publisher advertising inventory as well as allowing them to seamlessly target and buy this supply by adding ALX to campaigns within The Trade Desk.

“AppLovin represents some of mobile gaming’s most valuable inventory, making them an exciting new partner for our clients,” said Michelle Hulst, Chief Data Officer, The Trade Desk. “Our clients will be able to buy AppLovin’s inventory through Unified ID 2.0, leveraging their first-party data to maximize their advertising campaigns. We welcome AppLovin to the growing stable of partners who see the benefits that Unified ID 2.0 brings to the media ecosystem.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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