Apple Removes 181 Electronic Cigarette Apps from the App Store

Apple has joined the battle against electronic cigarettes. The company has removed all applications related to e-cigarettes from the App Store.

Vape cigarettes have been in our lives for a while. After they caused some mysterious deaths and illnesses, the US-based technology giant Apple has made its decision and joined the battle against them. Apple decided to remove all electronic cigarette-related apps from the App Store.

The lack of a history of electronic cigarettes and the lack of adequate research on them make it very difficult to understand what risks vape users take while using them. Because the use of electronic cigarettes has just begun to be popular, it makes it unclear how big the dangers are in the long run. Recent deaths associated with electronic cigarettes have also drawn the attention of the public.

In fact, Apple has never helped companies sell their e-cigarettes directly on the App Store. However, popular electronic cigarette manufacturers in some countries such as the USA had their own mobile applications. These applications sometimes provided control over electronic cigarettes and sometimes appeared as social networks or games. 

As a result of Apple’s decision, 181 applications related to e-cigarettes will no longer be available in the App Store. But users who already have them in their iOS devices are still able to use them.

Apple said that they are trying to make the App Store a reliable place for everyone, especially for young people. They regularly check the applications on the platform. They also added that such studies will continue and especially the applications that will affect the health of young people will be removed from the platform.

Written by Maya Robertson


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