[Survey] 90% of parents in the US play mobile games

Mobile advertising and app monetization company Tapjoy’s latest research shows that modern parents are now much more engaged with mobile games and online shopping. 

For the research, the company surveyed 5,498 consumers in the United States who identify themselves as parents. 90% of the participants said that they use their mobile devices as a gaming platform and 79% said playing mobile games is one of their favorite mobile activities.

In addition, 70% of the parents that took part in the survey said they are playing mobile games on a daily basis. 

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest contributors to this growing trend. 83% of parents surveyed stated that they started playing mobile games during the peak days of the pandemic and they’re planning to continue to play. 

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Furthermore, 46% said they most prefer rewarded ads and 40% complete rewarded ad offers every day. Meanwhile, 12% prefer Instagram and 10% prefer Facebook ads. 

In addition, 75% of parents surveyed said that they shop on mobile 1-4 times every week as it’s very easy and time-saver. 

Today’s parents are so much more aware of modern technology and trends than their own parents were,” said Lauren Baca, Tapjoy’s Senior Marketing Director, in an email to Mobile Marketing Reads. ”They grew up with the internet, so they’re well aware of what their kids are doing. They see smartphones as an essential tool that makes everything easier, from shopping to banking to monitoring the kids’ online activity. They have limited free time, so convenience is really important to them — we saw that meal kits and to-go food were especially popular mobile purchases in 2020. They like to unwind with mobile games at the end of the day, and they’re very receptive to rewarded ads thanks to the ease, convenience, and value they add to every transaction.”

Written by Sophie Blake


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