62% of parents say mobile games help mental health

62% of parents think that mobile games help their mental health, according to a recent survey by Jam City (via PocketGamer.biz).

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which first emerged last year in Wuhan has completely changed the way we live and resulted in mandatory lockdowns as well as other restrictions in many countries around the world. 

And this has resulted in an upward trend in mobile app and game usage as people around the globe have been looking for ways to entertain themselves and cope with boredom. 

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Jam City’s recent survey found that 72% of parents aged between 24-39 and 54% of those aged between 40-55 are still playing mobile games. While the 55% of the participants said they play once a day, 27% confirmed they play multiple times a day.  

44% of parents said that playing mobile games had boosted their mood and 43% said games benefited their mental health.

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Furthermore, 13% of the respondents said mobile games helped them with concentration and 41% said mobile games improved their problem solving skills.

65% of mobile players are female

The survey also found that the majority of mobile gamers are female and 65% of those who are aged between 10-65 play mobile games. But the pandemic also boosted the number of male players with 31% of them now playing more. 

In addition, 69% of the participants which includes both male and female players said that they are now playing mobile games much more than they used to play.

Boomers are playing mobile games more

Boomers who are aged between 57-75 are also playing mobile games 28% more. Meanwhile, 85% of them said self-care is fundamental for managing stress. 

“We’re heartened to see the national conversation about self-care has expanded to include playing mobile games,” said Lisa Spano, Jam City’s VP, Consumer Insights.

“They are widely available, downloadable on your smartphone, and many are free as compared to the high cost of gaming consoles. They are certainly not a substitute for professional help, but they can help everyone, especially parents, manage the daily stresses of life and make things a little easier,” she added.

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Written by Maya Robertson


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