81% Of Americans Started Playing Mobile Games While In Quarantine

According to Fluent’s survey in which 6 million Americans participated, 46% of gamers haven begun playing ‘new’ mobile games on their devices and 81% of the participants started playing mobile games specifically while in quarantine.

The results of the survey show that women were 31% more likely than men to download a new mobile game to their phones while men were 60% more likely to download to other devices. 

Women were 31% more likely to add a new game to their phones during quarantine while men were 60% more likely to add new games to other devices.

35% of the participants played 1 game, 38% played 2-3 games, 15% played up to 4-5 games and 13% played 6+ games while under quarantine.

59% of Americans said they spent more than 1 hour on mobile games every single day. 

And 60% of women spent more than one-hour playing mobile games on a daily basis while 56% of men spent the same amount of time. 

58% of the participants said they only played free games, 25% said they purchased new mobile games, 6% said they purchased new devices and 11% said they purchased both. 

64% of women and 47% of men said they only played free games while 22% of women and 30% of men purchased new games. 

44% of the participants who purchased mobile games said they spent $1-$20 and 56% said they spent more than $20.

There is a fact that the mobile game industry is booming. But many people in the industry are questioning whether this increase will last after the restrictions are lifted. 

Well, 67% of the participants said that they will continue.

Feel free to check out Fluent’s survey results for further information and let us know what you think!

Written by Jordan Bevan


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