REPORT: Which mobile players play which games?

AppsFlyer’s new The Gaming Genre Matrix report focuses on the question of whether mobile gamers playing a particular genre tend to play the same genre, or a similar genre or a completely different genre.

The mobile gaming market keeps growing rapidly especially during these difficult days as billions of people around the world are searching for activities to keep themselves occupied while under lockdowns. A recent survey by Jam City found that 62% of adults believe mobile gaming help their mental health.

According to Newzoo, there are now 2.6 billion mobile gamers around the globe playing approximately 1 million mobile games from at least 17 gaming genres. 

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In parallel with the rapid growth in the mobile gaming market, there’s also been an upward trend in the number of gaming genres as gaming studios are constantly in search of the new niche to create unique products and attract more users. 

AppsFlyer’s latest report sheds light on the tendency of mobile players of a particular genre to play other gaming genres. The company analyzed more than 350 million unique devices from November 2020 and here are the results that can be highly useful for both game studios and marketers.

Source AppsFlyer

For example, 18.9% of Puzzle players also play Casual games and 10.2% of them also play Action games. 

Here are the results for the Android market:

And here are the results for the iOS market: 

You can check out AppsFlyer’s report for more details broken down by countries. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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