9 Games with LGBTI+ Friendly Elements

All kinds of colorful productions of the game world contain beautiful stories. Here are the different productions that we can define as LGBTI+ friendly, with their characters and the fact that they free the characters without putting them in a mold!

Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors introduces us to our character named Alex Chen. Returning to his hometown after a series of tragic events, Alex is bisexual. Many events and references in the game also allow the production to earn the LGBTI+ friendly label.

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The Sims

The Sims is an admirable series that has maintained its stability since the very first game. You can shape your character as you wish and establish a romantic relationship with the person you want. To give some information, The Sims 4’s additional package called My Wedding Stories, which further diversifies weddings, has been banned in some countries due to its LGBTI+ content.

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Hades, which is one of the most popular independent productions of recent years and embraced many awards, has quickly entered among the favorites of many of us with its gameplay, characters and atmosphere. There are many different characters in Hades that we can relate to as Zagreus. Home to many characters familiar to those who are familiar with Greek mythology, Hades has many LGBTI+ characters and as Zagreus, we can set sail for a romantic relationship.

Tell Me Why

This production, produced by Dontnod Entertainment, introduces us to two brothers named Tyler and Alyson, who have special powers and are connected to each other. Tyler, one of our main characters, is a transgender person in the production, which promises experiences that will be remembered for a long time with its rich story, and these themes have a wide place in the story of the game.


We control a group of sorcery students in Ikenfell, a turn-based role-playing game. The game is also very sensitive about using personal pronouns and is home to many LGBTI+ characters.

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If Found…

If Found… is a production that puts subjects such as self-discovery and human relations on its basis. The production, which also embraced awards such as Best Indie Game and Best Narrative at the Best Gaming Awards, joins us in our main character’s struggle with his family, friends and himself.

Gone Home

Imagine returning from a trip and finding your house empty. All your family members have disappeared leaving some traces behind. At this point, it would not be right for us to continue the story so that it does not contain spoilers, but an LGBTI+ friendly and enjoyable plot is waiting for you.


You can find many things about yourself in this game where we embark on a challenging adventure with Madeline, who struggles with anxiety problems. In Celesete, which conveys mental problems to the players with metaphors and great game design, our main character Madeline is a transgender person.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is one of the most enjoyable and different games on our list. As the name suggests, we can create our own character and flirt with the nice ‘daddies’ of the neighborhood in the production, which is a dating simulator game.

Written by Maya Robertson


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