57% of marketers currently using AI for email marketing campaigns

A recent survey conducted by Ascend2 and RPE Origin shed light on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important tool for email marketing, with marketers leveraging AI to drive efficiency and personalization in their campaigns.

The survey reveals that 57% of marketers at companies with 500 or more employees are currently using AI for their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, 25% of marketers have plans to incorporate AI into their email marketing strategies in the near future.

Among marketers using AI for email marketing, 99% reported positive results, with outcomes ranging from “extremely positive” to “somewhat positive.”

Marketers are leveraging AI for various aspects of email marketing, including:

  • Content personalization (50%)
  • Retargeting (47%)
  • Subject line optimization (47%)
  • Dynamic content generation (44%)
  • Send-time optimization (44%)
  • Predictive analytics for customer behavior (40%)

AI is credited with enhancing efficiency in email marketing. Mass personalization, which once took days to achieve, can now be accomplished within minutes using AI.

While the adoption of AI in email marketing is growing, some marketers have reservations. Key concerns include customer privacy and data protection (45%), data quality (42%), lack of internal expertise (40%), and a lack of an effective strategy (39%).

Enhanced personalization algorithms and recommendation engines (55%) and predictive analytics (55%) are identified as valuable features in an email marketing platform. AI holds promise in improving testing methodologies, offering recommendations on what to test for better results.

While AI is seen as beneficial, 43% of marketers express interest in AI-powered content creation features. Only 5% believe AI will have limited applications, and 47% think AI will impact email marketing but not replace human creativity and strategy.

AI’s role in content creation is likely to complement human efforts. Humans will continue to develop content strategies and basic messaging, while AI optimizes these elements for different audiences, enabling highly customized content.

In conclusion, AI is increasingly viewed as a valuable tool in email marketing, enhancing personalization, efficiency, and testing capabilities. While concerns exist, the majority of marketers recognize AI’s potential to enhance their campaigns and improve results. 

In addition, Spotify recently announced its new tool AI-powered voice translation for podcasts

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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