Adjust launches CTV AdVision to measure the impact of CTV ad campaigns on app conversions

Adjust CTV

AppLovin-owned mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust introduced CTV AdVision, a comprehensive connected TV measurement solution that allows to determine the impact of CTV ad campaigns on mobile app installs and post-install events. 

Adjust said, in April, CTV ad to mobile app installs tracked by the company exploded by 184% globally compared to Dec. 2021, while CTV app installs boomed 150% last month over February.

“As CTV becomes a more prominent channel in advertising, we know marketers need to be able to prove ROI on their CTV campaigns,” said Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust. “We built CTV AdVision to empower marketers and advertisers with a unified attribution method, with reliable data and visualizations on CTV performance, that allows for consistent and independent measurement.”

The new CTV AdVision combines Adjust’s current connected TV measurement offerings — CTV to Mobile and CTV to CTV — with a dedicated CTV dashboard in Datascape. 

Datascape, an advanced analytics solution designed to deliver business critical KPIs and performance metrics faster and easier for mobile app marketers, was announced by Adjust last month.

Through CTV AdVision advertisers can see on one screen how their CTV campaigns are performing overall, as well as the impact of CTV campaigns on their apps with metrics and KPIs, such as installs, revenue and ROI. 

Additionally, in the Datascape Overview dashboard and report building tool, marketing decision-makers can gain a holistic view of their user acquisition and retention strategies to see CTV performance in the context of other channels.

Adjust said advertisers can also benefit from Adjust’s partner integrations with the biggest players in the CTV ecosystem, from platform providers like Samsung to intermediaries, such as The Trade Desk and tvScientific. 

“Marketers have struggled to turn CTV into a performance channel because, until now, they didn’t have the data to do so,” said Gijsbert Pols, Ph.D., Director of Connected TV & New Channels at Adjust. “What sets CTV AdVision apart is that it offers brands of all sizes the ability to analyze the assisting power of CTV on performance and reveals the extent to which CTV is helping other channels to convert and improve ROI.”

Written by Jordan Bevan


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