ATT opt-in rates for gaming reached 37% in Q2 2023 -Adjust

While Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework brought brand new rules to app developers, ATT opt-in rates for mobile games increased to 37% in the second quarter of 2023, according to the latest data from Adjust, for which the mobile measurement and analytics company analyzed the opt-in rates on Apple platforms. (via

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework came into effect in April 2021, making it mandatory for iOS developers to obtain user consent in order to track their data for advertising purposes. Following the controversial privacy changes, the iPhone-maker has come under criticism by the big players in the industry, including Meta (previously Facebook), which said that ATT would cost it $10 billion in 2022 alone

While it has been more than two years since Apple launched the ATT framework, mobile users now seem more inclined to opt-in it, though their preferences also vary widely by app category.

According to the new data from Adjust, Gaming had the highest opt-in rate (37%) of all mobile categories, followed by Food & Drink at 36%. The Education category, on the other hand, had the lowest rate at 7%, likely as a result of the stricter rules on the collection of younger users’ information.

Image Source Adjust via PocketGamerbiz

Meanwhile, of all the gaming subgenres, Hypercasual had the highest opt-in rate at 44%, since its ‘’user base is uniquely more tuned in to the benefits of targeted advertising (finding their next title),” Adjust said. 

While it was followed by Sports (44%), Racing (40%), and Hybridcasual (39%) respectively. Family and Education subcategories had the lowest rates at 2% and 4%, again likely due to tougher compliance rules.

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According to another recent study by mobile game analytics company GameRefinery, the best time to display ATT pop-ups is the first 30 seconds.

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