ZBD partners with AdInMo for Bitcoin rewards for mobile gamers and developers

The in-game advertising platform AdInMo has formally revealed its collaboration with fintech firm ZBD, introducing a groundbreaking feature: InGamePlay brand advertisements with Bitcoin incentives.

In practical terms, this signifies that gamers exposed to AdInMo’s non-disruptive in-game ads will earn modest amounts of Bitcoin over time, facilitated by ZBD’s Bitcoin Lightning technology.

Kristan Rivers, Co-Founder and CEO of AdInMo said: “We’re always looking for ways to innovate while delivering our core purpose of enhancing player experience. Rewarded ad formats are an established part of hybrid monetization loved by players and driving excellent revenue for developers. Combining in-game brand experiences and player rewards is a world-first.” 

The fresh format is readily accessible for members of AdInMo’s developer community beta program. Integration is seamless as it is incorporated within AdInMo’s existing SDK, necessitating no extra steps. Developers have the straightforward option of enabling Bitcoin rewards for their games and determining the revenue distribution for their players. Notably, this feature does not impact the core gaming experience, as rewards are exclusively funded through in-game ad views, AdInMo says. 

“The goal of ZBD has always been to help drive improved performance for the games industry, an industry we love. We’re very excited that our first deep integration directly into in-game advertising technology is with a partner that shares our values and offers ads that are completely unobtrusive and which do not interrupt players as they’re enjoying the game,” said Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZBD.” 

According to AdInMo, the integration of ZBD rewards led to an impressive 82% surge in ARPDAU for Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith, while Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner witnessed an extraordinary 10-fold increase in day 30 user retention.

“ZBD understands the nuances of the games ecosystem and we’re excited to work with them to bring the first release of AdInMo’s powerful new monetization format, Rewarded InGamePlay to market. With happy, rewarded players the gaming audience is also more valuable to advertisers in terms of attention and engagement. As always at AdInMo it’s a win-win-win,” says Kristan. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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