AdInMo Announces Partnership With Global Mobile Ads Firm InMobi

Scotland-based in-game brand advertising company AdInMo announced that it has partnered with Indian mobile advertising & marketing company InMobi.

With the technical integration of the two platforms which AdInMo announced has been completed, InMobi will be able to offer its buy-side customers InGamePlay brand advertising supply and advertisers will be able to target and engage with more premium audiences through AdInMo’s non-intrusive in-game ads.

“Gaming is a key growth vertical for our team and the highly engaged format makes it a premium advertising channel particularly in the mobile space,” said David Di Angelo, InMobi’s VP of Marketplace Development.“The non-intrusive nature of in-game advertising opens up the brand experience for our advertising clients.” he added.

“It’s fantastic to be collaborating with the team at InMobi to grow demand for InGamePlay brand advertising.”We strongly believe the future of mobile advertising is click-free. Our platform enables demand partners to authentically serve brand campaigns to highly engaged player audiences,’’ said Kristan Rivers, AdInMo CEO and co-founder. “As brands look to shift spend to digital media and advertisers need to innovate recognising changes to third-party tracking and IDFA, immersive ads in mobile games offer brand experiences with robust viewability and better brand recall.”

AdInMo’s non-intrusive in-game ads enable advertisers to serve click-free ads and offer much more effective results as they don’t interrupt the playing experience.

A recent study conducted by and AdInMo found that 75% mobile game developers said they prefer to serve ads which don’t disrupt mobile gameplay. Thus, the use of non-intrusive advertisements is expected to see an upward trend in 2021. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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