Youtube Will Show Ads According To User Search Terms

YouTube, the world’s most popular video platform, announced the addition of new advertising concepts to the platform. Accordingly, the YouTube algorithm, which will understand the areas that users are interested in, will show them shopping ads according to their search terms.

YouTube is preparing to change its advertising strategy and make it even more complicated. As you know, when you search for clothes, shoes, or electronics, Google shows you ads that you might be interested in. Adding a similar advertising strategy to the YouTube platform, the company says it will make YouTube more useful.

For example, if you make a search about running, shoe ads will be shown to you.

At this point, YouTube says you won’t have to do a direct search to see ad suggestions from brands like Puma. Rick Almedia, The Vice President of E-Commerce at Puma, one of YouTube’s first advertisers, said they wanted to reach out to their customers more easily and stay in touch with them.

YouTube is not the only place where Google has improved e-commerce functionality recently. The company has recently updated Google Lens and included a style advisory feature that gives you an idea of how to combine an item you may have seen in a store.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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