WhatsApp to roll out ‘read later’ feature

WhatsApp’s iOS beta has been upgraded to “” with a new update. The update revealed the “Read Later” feature, which is an improved version of the Archived Chats that includes the Vacation Mode, feature seen in the Android beta version of WhatsApp. It is currently unknown when the feature under development will be available.

The “Read Later” update ensures that you do not receive notifications for a chat you send to this folder and you are not aware of those messages. The feature will be an effective solution for unnecessarily crowded groups.

With the Read Later feature, users will be able to send the chats they do not want to receive notifications into this folder. That way, those messages will stay there until the user’s next login. During this period, no notification will be received and the relevant chat will not be able to leave the Read Later folder. This way, users can hide the chats they don’t want to see forever if they want to.

According to the information in the latest iOS beta version of WhatsApp, users will be able to quickly import one or more chats they send into the Read Later folder to the original folder. In addition, with a setting menu provided for this folder, messages in the chat can be deleted. It is currently not known when the feature, which will be quite useful, will be offered to users.

Written by Sophie Blake


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