Unity launches Unity Gaming Services to simplify cross platform, multiplayer game development

Unity today announced the beta launch of Unity Gaming Services – a new end-to-end platform that unifies Unity’s existing Operate Solutions for games and introduces new tools and services that simplify any developer’s ability to launch cross platform, multiplayer games. 

Unity Gaming Services promises to bring multiplayer games online instantly through seamless integration with Unity Netcode and Transport. The platform also includes everything developers need for live game operations, regardless of size, including the ability to synchronize their game logic with Unity’s backend services without going through a heavy platform release process.

“Our mission is to enable success for our developers, who today are managing an increasingly complex new reality that needs to meet growing player demand for cross-platform multiplayer games and at the same time requires tremendous cloud networking expertise and presents technical and operational challenges far beyond game design itself,” said Ingrid Lestiyo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Operate Solutions, Unity. 

“With the growing player demand for cross-platform multiplayer games, Unity Gaming Services reduces the barrier to entry for developers to launch more multiplayer games that collectively will expand the size of the industry, and titles available for play.”

Unity Gaming Services, which is free to all developers during the beta period, is now available with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows support.

Last week, Unity announced the availability of Unity Mediation, a waterfall management tool that lets developers choose between Unity’s Unified Auction, preferred ad networks, network bidding, or all three. Wth the new offerings, Unity aims to prioritize fair access to ad inventory to ensure maximum ad fill for developers. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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