Unity launches Mediation and Bidding within Unity Ads

Unity announced the availability of Unity Mediation, inclusive of waterfall and bidding, within Unity Ads. 

As a waterfall management tool, Unity Mediation lets developers choose between Unity’s Unified Auction, preferred ad networks, network bidding, or all three. Wth the new offerings, Unity aims to prioritize fair access to ad inventory to ensure maximum ad fill for developers. 

“As the leading platform in games, and counting 60+ ad ecosystem partners, Unity aims to simplify the integration and maintenance of the ad stack, allow for opportunities to fill ad spots quickly and competitively to earn more revenue, and further enable developers to easily monetize their games.” the company said in a statement

“Our priority is to enable our developers’ success, and as such, we continue to evolve and expand Unity’s ad ecosystem so developers can have critical access to additional demand sources from leading ad networks, simultaneously delivering more control and value to our users,” said Felix Thé, VP of Product Management, Operate Solutions, Unity. 

“We value being able to provide an open, neutral, accessible technology to enable success for all developers. During this open beta period, we are putting significant resources to facilitate open collaboration with our customers and partners and ensure future iterations of this product cater to their growing needs.”

Unity Mediation, now in open beta, launches with several features, including in-app bidding, A/B testing, waterfall management tools, geo & IDFA targeting, granular reporting, interstitial and RV format support, and others. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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