Tumblr rolls out Tips to let bloggers earn money

Tumblr has launched an opt-in tip jar feature that allows users to tip posts from bloggers they like, in its latest attempt to monetize the popular platform.

The new feature currently available to users in the United States will be extended to all users soon. 

“This opt-in feature will allow you to gift a little something to support your favorite content creators. It’s a win-win: creatives can make a little money from their work, while supporters can tip posts they love in fun, playful ways. And it’s here after much popular demand.” the company said

Tumblr stated that it will not take a cut from these one-time payments made through Stripe.

In order to use the new feature to support a blogger, you can select the “Tip” tab on the post that you want to tip, then choose an amount. You can send a message with your gift, and see other users who have sent tips on the same post—unless you send a tip anonymously, like some sort of superhero.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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