TikTok’s bold move into longer-form content and earnings

In the race to solidify its standing in the competitive landscape, TikTok is strategically steering its creators towards longer-form content to enhance monetization opportunities. While TikTok has witnessed unprecedented growth, particularly in its ad business, the challenge lies in providing a robust framework for creator monetization, ensuring top stars can maximize their earnings directly from TikTok clips.

Concerns reminiscent of Vine’s demise, attributed to a lack of a viable creator monetization path, loom over TikTok. Notably, prominent creators have already migrated to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where revenue opportunities are more diverse.

In a bid to address this challenge, TikTok has reportedly initiated a campaign to guide creators toward crafting videos that extend beyond the traditional 30-second duration. The move aims to align TikTok more closely with competitors like YouTube, where creators can generate revenue through ad shares linked to pre and mid-roll advertisements—a feature not yet available on TikTok due to its predominant use of shorter clips.

According to The Information TikTok executives were at a private event in October, and the platform has observed a shift in user behavior. Users are reportedly spending half of their time on TikTok consuming content that surpasses the one-minute mark. Moreover, creators who share videos exceeding the one-minute threshold have experienced a growth rate in followers five times higher than those focusing solely on shorter content.

The move toward longer-form content reflects TikTok’s broader mission to redefine the entertainment landscape within social apps. With the evolution of algorithmically-driven feeds, TikTok has played a pioneering role in shifting the emphasis from the “social” to the “entertainment” element.

In a surprising turn, TikTok has transcended its role as a mere entertainment platform, emerging as a news source for its users. A recent study revealed that the amount of TikTok users accessing news through the app has more than doubled, skyrocketing from 22% to 43% in 2023. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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