App marketers rely on short form content to boost downloads -report

Growing number of app marketers now rely on short-form content to increase their installs and user base, according to a new report from Gamesight, a performance marketing platform for PC and console games.

Per report, ByteDance-owned TikTok’s usage among marketers has grown 115% from 2021, showing how short-form content can help marketers increase their brand awareness. However, when it comes to its average conversion rate, it has dropped from 2.65% to 0.96%, largely as a result of the app’s quick-paced nature, and the fact that Gen Z isn’t much of a fan of corporate marketing.

Image Source Gamesight

Unlike TikTok, YouTube had a higher conversion rate but lower volume at the same time. This was because of the different relationships the platforms have with their audiences. For example, while TikTok shows its ads to a larger audience, they usually skip them without engaging with them. YouTube ads, on the other hand, get fewer ad impressions but perform better in converting users.

The report also showed that the average retention rates of TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat were 40% higher than non-social platforms, as these platforms are doing much better connecting games with their target audiences. 

Meanwhile, gaming ads saw a 43% higher conversion rate on desktop than on mobile, with TikTok being the only exception performing 9 times better than on desktop. And Google Adwords was the only balanced platform in the top 5 where desktop conversion rates were only 13% higher than on mobile (22.2% vs. 19.65%).

Written by Maya Robertson


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