TikTok releases Valentine’s Day guide for advertisers

As Valentine’s Day approaches swiftly, TikTok has released a comprehensive guide to assist marketers in harnessing the event’s potential and creating impactful campaigns that resonate with TikTok users. 

TikTok says, in 2023, the hashtag #ValentinesDay amassed an impressive 57 billion video views, underscoring the significance of the occasion on the platform. With Valentine’s Day 2024 on the horizon, the guide encourages brands to initiate the creation of holiday-centric content and strategize their campaigns accordingly.

The guide kicks off by providing insights into the widespread interest in Valentine’s Day among TikTok users, emphasizing the opportunity for brands to tap into this thematic activity to enhance their marketing endeavors. TikTok also shares key hashtags associated with the event, offering marketers valuable cues for aligning their content with trending themes. 

  • #valentinesday (57.1B views)
  • #valentinesdaygift (2.6B views)
  • #valentinesdaymakeup (371.6M views)
  • #valentinesdayrecipes (39.3M views)
  • #valentinesdayoutfit (390.3M views)

Additionally, the guide features an overview of the products that TikTok users exhibit the most interest in concerning Valentine’s Day celebrations, providing crucial information for brands seeking to tailor their offerings. To further assist brands in their Valentine’s Day marketing endeavors, TikTok includes a list of related events and opportunities, offering insightful suggestions for campaign themes and engagement strategies. 

The guide concludes with essential planning pointers, encompassing the best ad types, key promotional angles, and crucial planning notes. Overall, the guide serves as a valuable resource, offering practical insights that can significantly elevate brands’ Valentine’s Day activations on the TikTok platform.

You can download the report here to get more insights about the marketing strategies for TikTok on Valentine’s Day.

Written by Maya Robertson


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