Amazon Ads and GroupM join forces to create an Amazon Marketing Cloud Maturity Framework for advertisers

GroupM, the media investment arm of WPP, has unveiled a strategic collaboration between GroupM Nexus, a performance marketing organization, and Amazon Ads. This joint effort aims to co-develop and introduce the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Maturity Framework, exclusively available to GroupM clients. 

The framework will meticulously assess the maturity level of marketers utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud, aligning their business objectives with the most fitting AMC solutions. Amy Armstrong, Director of Global Customer Development at Amazon Ads, emphasizes the importance of a clear path forward to derive optimal benefits from Amazon Ads’ robust product suite. 

The co-developed framework empowers GroupM Nexus’ team of commerce experts to evaluate marketers’ positions in their respective Amazon Marketing Cloud journeys, translating the findings into actionable custom plans to enhance cross-channel campaign performance. 

“Amazon Ads robust product suite can return the best benefit for brands when there is a clear path forward that can be easily navigated,” said Amy Armstrong. “Working with GroupM Nexus to unlock the power of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) will give brands an in-depth understanding of where they’re at in their AMC maturity, and that’s the first step in building tailored programs that work.”

Lauren Lavin, Executive Director of Commerce at GroupM NA, emphasizes the significance of foundational insights in driving profitability, with the collaboration resulting in proprietary benchmarks to help clients select the most suitable AMC solutions. Armed with these insights, GroupM clients gain access, innovation, and scalability to optimize results within Amazon Marketing Cloud. 

“We understand that driving profitability and seeing returns on investment is only possible when rooted in foundational insights. In collaboration with Amazon Ads, we have created proprietary benchmarks that allow clients to determine which Amazon Marketing Cloud solutions best meet their desired outcomes,” said Lavin.

JiYoung Kim, President of GroupM Nexus North America, underscores that the maturity framework will solidify advertisers’ commerce footprint across the entire Amazon Marketing Cloud, unveiling growth opportunities and providing a roadmap for success amid the evolving media landscape.

Written by Maya Robertson


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