Gamelight: Outperforms Meta according to new insights from Singular

The latest insights from the Singular market overview reveal yet another triumph for Gamelight; they are the 2nd largest source on Android—only after Google. This means that they outperformed every single competitor, even Meta.

The insights also show that despite currently being active in only 11 countries, Gamelight commands an impressive 12% of global ad spend for all Match-3 games, a remarkable feat in contrast to competitors like Meta, Applovin, TikTok, Google, Unity, ironSource, and Moloco with a larger global presence. In their operational regions, Gamelight claims an even more substantial share, covering 15%-20% of the total Match-3 ad spend.

AI-Driven Success

Fueling Gamelight’s rapid ascent is its cutting-edge AI algorithm, a key player in the competitive mobile game marketing landscape. This sophisticated technology meticulously scrutinizes user behaviour and demographic data, such as age, gender, and location, for precise targeting. Beyond the basics, the algorithm delves into users’ gaming histories, crafting highly personalized gaming experiences and offering relevant game recommendations that strengthen player-game connections.

The impact of the AI algorithm isn’t confined to user experience alone; it significantly contributes to optimizing partner campaigns, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This data-driven approach ensures not only efficient campaign performance but also enhances user engagement and extends retention rates.

Start-Up Success Saga

Gamelight is what many would call a start-up success saga. The German-based company started without any backing from larger corporations, relying solely on their passion for the mobile app market and AI. Now they are the largest rewarded marketing platform for mobile games.

The company’s growth since it was founded one year ago is clear. Accolades such as “Best AI Tool” at the DotComm Awards and the “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” category at the Digiday Technology Awards underscore their achievements, as well as how they’ve managed to keep outperforming key players in the field. These recent findings from the Singular market overview further solidify Gamelight’s position as a dominant force in the mobile app space.

Key Findings

  • Gamelight outperformed Meta, being the 2nd largest source on Android
  • They account for  12% of global ad spend for all Match-3 games worldwide
  • Their success is backed by their innovative data-driven AI-algorithm

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