Snapchat unveils new AR and ML tools for advertisers

Snapchat unveiled a series of new advertising products during the IAB NewFronts 2024 presentation, showcasing its continued focus on augmented reality (AR) and innovative ad experiences. Central to these announcements was the introduction of AR Extensions, which allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate AR Lenses and Filters directly into all Snap ad formats. This move aims to empower brands to showcase their products and branded worlds through immersive AR experiences within their ads.

Furthermore, Snapchat is streamlining the AR creation process with new automation tools designed to guide brands through Lens building, reducing the time it takes to transform 2D product catalogs into interactive try-on experiences. With Snap’s expanding range of Try On options, this streamlined process could provide valuable opportunities for enhanced engagement and connection with users.

In addition to simplifying AR creation, Snapchat is leveraging generative AI to further enhance the process. Brands will soon be able to create AR Lenses through conversational prompts, leveraging AI to simplify complex tasks and create custom, engaging AR experiences more easily. This development aligns with Snap’s ongoing commitment to driving AR innovation and providing immersive experiences for its users.

Despite its focus on AR, Snapchat is also expanding its content offerings through partnerships with Live Nation and various sports leagues, including the WNBA, NBA, and NFL. These partnerships will bring exclusive behind-the-scenes content from music festivals and sports events directly to Snapchat, enriching the platform’s content ecosystem and providing unique experiences for users.

Snapchat is also launching the Snap Sports Network, a sports channel within the app that covers unconventional sports like dog surfing and extreme ironing. This new content program offers brands opportunities for sponsorships and product integrations, further diversifying Snapchat’s content offerings and opening up new avenues for advertising.

Written by Maya Robertson


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