RPG and Strategy players are the most loyal -Mistplay

Mistplay, the leading loyalty app for mobile gamers, has unveiled its 2023 Mobile Gaming Loyalty Report. This extensive report not only sheds light on what keeps players loyal in today’s fiercely competitive app environment but also provides actionable insights for game developers to enhance retention, engagement, monetization, and other vital metrics connected to the elusive concept of lifetime value (LTV).

Role Playing Games (RPG) claim the highest loyalty rating across all genres, scoring an impressive 75 out of 100. Strategy games follow closely with a score of 70. Simulation and Lifestyle games obtained scores of 67 and 61, respectively.

In terms of engagement, lifestyle games lead the pack with the highest average sessions per user. Furthermore, they are strong drivers of monetization, ranking first for the share of spenders by day 30 and securing the third position for repeat purchases.

First impressions are crucial in the world of mobile gaming. A remarkable 50% of players opt to install a game within a few days of encountering an ad. Authenticity in advertising is a major factor, with 71.7% of mobile gamers emphasizing the importance of actual gameplay footage in ads. However, it’s worth noting that 36.7% of players typically ignore ads altogether.

Players who invest over $100 in mobile games exhibit distinct behaviors. They are 28% more likely than other players to engage with at least eight games each week. Moreover, they are 55% more likely to spend to remain competitive with other players.

The report reveals that the top two reasons mobile gamers continue playing a game are the desire to advance further (56.8%) and the fear of losing their in-game progress (50.3%).

The gaming industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the dedication of both developers and players. A recent report sheds light on the multifaceted benefits of gaming that extend beyond mere entertainment, with 71% of participants stating that gaming effectively reduces stress in just a few minutes of playtime.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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