Pinterest introduces Idea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership

First introduced to creators in 2020 and rolled out worldwide in 2021, Pinterest’s native posting format, Idea Pins, is a multi-page canvas for sharing unique ideas, tutorials, and passions with others. 

Since its global launch, Pinterest has added new features to Idea Pins for creators, including the option to make them automatically shoppable and the ability to share them on other platforms

On Wednesday, the company announced new ways for advertisers to benefit from Idea Pins with compelling new ad formats: Idea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership. Now available in over 30 countries around the world, Idea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership are designed to give brands a way to connect with their audience on the social media platform. 

Idea ads, an immersive, multi-page format designed for advertisers to showcase ideas in action through video and image content, allows shoppers to visit the brand’s website, get step-by-step breakdowns, view ingredients lists and materials, and so much more. According to an internal study by Pinterest, people who saw Idea ads were 59% more likely to recall that brand. 

On the other hand, Idea ads with paid partnerships allows brands to partner with Pinterest creators to tell their story. With this new ad format, brands can collaborate with creators and produce immersive, interactive branded content that can be promoted to a wider audience.

Pinterest is also launching a new paid partnership tool for creators  which allows them to easily tag their brand partners directly in their content to showcase their sponsored relationship. 

In order to tag a partner brand, creators just make an Idea Pin in the app, add the paid partnership label and tag their partner brand. Once they approve the request, their brand name will show up on the creator’s Idea Pin. Brands can also choose to promote a creator’s Idea Pins as ads, boosting their reach to even more people.

Pinterest says brands that worked with creators saw 38% higher brand awareness and 37% higher Pin awareness. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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