CD Projekt Red announces 3 Witcher games, new Cyberpunk game, and new IP


CD Projekt Red recently announced that the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, which was released in 2020 but did not meet expectations, is coming. The company shared that the new game will be called ‘Project Orion’.

The Poland-based game giant also made important statements about the fantasy RPG game The Witcher, the first of which was released in 2007 and the third in 2015. A video shared by the company on YouTube and a statement on Twitter showed that we will see new The Witcher games. According to CD Projekt Red’s statements, we will see new The Witcher projects under the names ‘Sirius’, ‘Polaris’ and ‘Canis Majoris’ in the coming years.

‘Polaris’, the new Witcher game that the company announced in the past months that it will develop using Unreal Engine 5, will be the beginning of the new The Witcher trilogy. The game will take place after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and will be the beginning of a new saga. The company plans to create a new trilogy by releasing two new Witcher games after Polaris, outside the Sirius and Canis Majoris projects. The trilogy will be released six years after the release of Polaris.

According to the Poland-based company, another The Witcher project, ‘Sirius’, will take place in The Witcher universe and will be developed by The Molasses Flood with the support of CD Projekt Red. Unlike the previous games of the developer, the production will have a multiplayer mode in addition to the story.

The ‘Canis Majoris’ project, on the other hand, is the last game to take place in The Witcher universe, apart from the new trilogy. According to the company, the production will be developed by a third-party developer. According to the company, this production, which will use Unreal Engine 5, will be an external studio led by experienced developers who have worked on past Witcher games.

Written by Sophie Blake


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