Meta Explores $14 Per Month Ad-Free Option for Instagram and Facebook in the EU – WSJ

Meta is reportedly considering a new plan that would require users in the European Union to pay up to $14 for access to ad-free versions of Instagram or Facebook or opt for personalized ads on the free versions, as per the Wall Street Journal’s report on Monday.

As reported by the WSJ, under this plan, Meta would charge approximately 10 euros ($10.46) per month for a desktop Facebook or Instagram account, with an additional fee of about 6 euros for each linked account. On mobile devices, the cost for a single account would rise to approximately 13 euros due to commissions imposed by Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

The New York Times reported in September that Meta was contemplating the introduction of paid versions of Facebook and Instagram without ads for EU users, although specific pricing details were not disclosed.

In January 2023, Meta faced a $414 million fine from Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner for breaching EU privacy laws with its advertising practices on Facebook and Instagram and was instructed not to use the “contract” legal basis to deliver targeted ads based on users’ online activity. 

In response, Meta announced its intention to seek users’ consent in the EU before allowing businesses to target advertising, aligning with evolving regulatory requirements in the region.

Now, Meta has informed European regulators of its plans to introduce the ad-free option, referred to as “subscription no ads (SNA),” in the coming months for European users, according to the WSJ report.

A spokesperson from Meta stated that the company values “free services which are supported by personalized ads” but is exploring “options to ensure we comply with evolving regulatory requirements.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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