Longer mobile video ads are more effective than shorter ones -Liftoff

Image Credits: Homescapes (via Liftoff)

Performance-based mobile app marketing firm Liftoff’s new report revealed that longer mobile video ads produce more effective results than shorter ones as mobile acquisition managers get a boost in their performance by adding 31-60 second long videos to their ad creatives.

The company said that its customers see an average of up to 50% higher conversations when they use longer videos.

Our attention spans may be short, but longer mobile video ads have proven effective at catching users’ attention,” said Liftoff, which merged with mobile ad tech company Vungle in late 2021.

Mixing and matching your existing video ads is a quick and easy way to create top-performing long-form video ads,” it added. “You can showcase eye-catching features that leave the viewer curious about the app and eager to try it.

The Mobile Ad Creative Index report, for which the company examined approximately 1 trillion ad impressions across 24.5 billion clicks as well as 240 million installs, also found that playable ads offered the most affordable CPI ($1.31) for game marketers, as they did in 2022.

Image Source Liftoff

Written by Sophie Blake


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