Judge rejects Parler’s bid for Amazon services restore

A U.S judge has denied Parler’s demand that Amazon restore web hosting services for its app.  

U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein in Seattle explained how Parler was unlikely to support its allegations that Amazon breached its contract or violated antitrust law by suspending service on Jan. 10.

“The evidence it has submitted in support of the claim is both dwindlingly slight, and disputed by AWS. Importantly, Parler has submitted no evidence that AWS and Twitter acted together intentionally — or even at all — in restraint of trade.”

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“That event,” she said, “was a tragic reminder that inflammatory rhetoric can – more swiftly and easily than many of us would have hoped – turn a lawful protest into a violent insurrection.”

“Parler has failed to allege basic facts that would support several elements of this claim. Most fatally, as discussed above, it has failed to raise more than the scantest speculation that AWS’s actions were taken for an improper purpose or by improper means … To the contrary, the evidence at this point suggests that AWS’s termination of the CSA was in response to Parler’s material breach.”

An Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement that “We welcome the court’s careful ruling.” “This was not a case about free speech. It was about a customer that consistently violated our terms of service.” she added. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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