Apple may reinstate Parler to the App Store, Tim Cook says

Image Credit: Reuters

Parler may return to the App Store if it gets its content moderation together, Tim Cook said in an interview clip.

“We have only suspended them,” he told Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. “We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there,” Cook said about Apple’s decision to take Parler down. 

Parler was banned by Apple, Google and Amazon last week after the accusations that it was used to promote violence before and during the US Capitol riot and failed to remove posts that promoted violence. 

Apple gave Parler an ultimatum to remove content that promote violence and to provide a full moderation plan within the next 24 hours, following the Google ban. 

It was removed from the App Store the next day and Apple said the changes proposed by Parler were insufficient and it won’t be back until the company ‘’effectively moderate and filter the dangerous and harmful content’’ on the platform.

Following the ban, Parler CEO John Matze said in an interview that it may not return. “It could be never,” he said. “We don’t know yet.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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