ironSource launches App Analytics platform

Tel Aviv-based mobile advertising company ironSource has launched its App Analytics platform to help mobile app and game developers to maximize revenue, user retention, and growth. 

Now available in beta, ironSource App Analytics offers deep insights into the inner workings of an entire app or game, with data on user behavior, playtime and progression. With the launch of App Analytics, ironSource now offers developers a one-stop-shop for app monetization, user acquisition, and analytics.

“Working with thousands of developers of all sizes, we’ve seen a clear need in the market for a comprehensive analytics product that analyzes all aspects of the game and app, going beyond analytics on UA and monetization,” said Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource. 

“We believe that arming developers with more data and transparency empowers them to build smarter, more successful app businesses. This product supports that mission by adding critical app performance data to our offering, creating the only platform that spans monetization, user acquisition, and app analytics.”

App Analytics will also offer live ops software, allowing developers to manage their A/B testing and remotely configure their app without the need to release a new version. With this product, app developers can gauge the impact of changes to their app’s inner workings, from app design to in-game mechanics and in-app monetization. 

“The launch of this product not only adds significant breadth to our platform offering, but increases the amount of people we can address and support within an app-based business,” continued Kaplan. “With App Analytics, we are now able to empower BI analysts, game designers, and product managers with the critical data and live operations support they need to improve their product and their business.”

Aiming to expand its platform offering to provide solutions that cover more touchpoints in an app growth lifecycle, ironSource also made important acquisitions in the last twelve months. The company, which went public in June 2021 and completed its Tapjoy acquisition in January 2022, acquired mobile ad quality measurement platform Soomla in January 2021, creative management platform Luna Labs in last February, and mobile marketing software company Bidalgo in October. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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