iPhone 15 Pro Max demonstrates 96% faster download speeds compared to 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max established notable benchmarks for median download speeds via mobile connections in the past year. However, the initial report from Ookla sheds light on the remarkable leap in cellular performance exhibited by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, clocking in at almost 100% faster.

Ookla has recently unveiled its latest mobile performance report, which conducts a comprehensive analysis of the major US carriers, evaluating aspects such as download and upload speeds, consistency, availability, and more.

Within the report, there is an examination of how the most popular smartphones in the United States performed in terms of download/upload speed and latency during Q3 of 2023.

In the previous autumn of 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro Max claimed the throne, but it surrendered the title for the fastest cellular speeds in both Q4 and Q1 of 2023.

An interesting development arose in Q2 of 2023 when Ookla’s tests revealed that the average download speed for the iPhone 14 Pro Max had fallen to 127.83 Mbps. During this period, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra emerged as the frontrunner, boasting a median download speed of 161.86 Mbps.

The inaugural study conducted by Ookla featuring the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max has produced truly noteworthy findings. Among all the devices examined, the iPhone 15 Pro Max demonstrated exceptional performance, achieving a median download speed of 251.37 Mbps. Impressively, this speed was approximately 10% faster than that of the iPhone 15 Pro.

In contrast to the 127.83 Mbps recorded by the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Q2 of this year, the 15 Pro Max showcased an astounding 96.6% increase in median download speed.

Nonetheless, considering that the iPhone 15 Pro/Max had only been on the market for a month, its share of total iPhones was relatively modest, allowing Samsung to maintain its position as the leader in average download speeds.

Written by Sophie Blake


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