In-game advertising platform Frameplay raises $8 million

San Francisco-based in-game advertising platform Frameplay has raised a $8 million Series A led by Hiro Capital. Razer, zVentures, and Kona Venture Partners also participated in the funding round. 

Frameplay focuses on intrinsic in-game advertising, the newest ad context recognized by the IAB US, IAB UK, and MRC. It provides developers and designers with creative freedom to test the boundaries of advertising technology and bring new sources of entertainment to the video game industry. The company says its solutions provide immersive, digital experiences, often replicating real world experiences. 

“Frameplay was founded with a mission of creating gamer-first experiences by seamlessly inserting advertisements without disrupting gameplay,” said Jonathon Troughton, co-founder and CEO of Frameplay. 

“We are thrilled to have found like-minded investors at Hiro Capital, Razer zVentures, and Kona. Together, these companies are committed to a gamer-first experience, and this funding round will enable us to create a new environment that enhances in-game immersion. Our SDK technology gives developers the ability to optimize the ad placement within their games so it seamlessly integrates with the gaming experience—an approach that has already proven appealing to leading brands and advertisers.”

“Quality brands want to be authentic and they don’t want to disrupt a gamer’s experience. Equally, many players enjoy seeing real products embedded in games if they are true to life and properly in context,” said Luke Alvarez, Founding Partner at Hiro Capital. “Frameplay’s amazing technology is a win win, providing tangible value to advertisers and a seamless experience for the gamer. At Hiro, we believe that Frameplay’s platform can scale across multiple brand segments and from Games into the Metaverse.”

“With over three billion gamers around the world and the industry’s rapid growth rate, it is only natural that advertisers want to tap into the evolving gamer demographic,” says Cho Weihao, Senior Director of Investments at Razer. “As a company of gamers ourselves, we know the importance of uninterrupted gameplay and are excited about Frameplay’s innovative way to facilitate in-game advertising without disrupting the gaming experience.”

In October, Frameplay competitor Admix raised $25 million Series B with support from Force Over Mass, Speedinvest and Sure Valley Ventures, as well as a host of new investors including Elefund, DIP Capital, Notion Capital, Capital, Colopl Next, Side Door Ventures, and Rocket. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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