Tapjoy finds 77% of Gen X play mobile games every day

According to a new report from Tapjoy, Gen X is among the most avid mobile gamers, with 77% of them playing daily. And despite not having access to the internet until their 20s or 30s, Generation X is just as active on mobile as the younger generations: Nearly 60% replace their smartphones every 2-3 years to stay up to date with the latest technology, 72% shop on mobile phones 1-4 times per week, and 66% actually spent more time on mobile devices in the last year. 

For the report, Tapjoy surveyed 1,850 Gen Xers in the United States between February 2021 and September 2021. 

Nearly 90% of those surveyed said they use mobile as a gaming platform, 77% play mobile games on a typical day, and 81% list games among their favorite mobile activities. According to the report, the favorite game categories of the Gen X are as follows:

  1. Puzzle / Match-3
  2. Action / Adventure
  3. Role-Playing Games
  4. Word
  5. Arcade / Hyper-casual 

Tapjoy also found that Gen X doesn’t spend as much time thinking about brand values as the younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics do. Instead, Gen X wants ads that are funny and succinct — or offer a value exchange. They’re especially receptive to rewarded ads, with 59% preferring them to other mobile ad types and nearly 40% completing rewarded offers daily. 

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55% enjoy using the offerwall to complete rewarded ad offers. While 38% complete rewarded ad offers every day, another 28% do so 1-2 times a week. 32% have made purchases via rewarded ads. 

Gen X is also almost as active as Millennials when it comes to mobile shopping frequency. Nearly three quarters shop on mobile 1-4 times a week, with to-go food, restaurant delivery, clothing, beauty, and home goods being among the most common purchases over the last year. The increased frequency of Gen X’s mobile spending in 2020 could translate into big opportunities for marketers in 2021: 55% said they plan to continue shopping more on mobile, and 61% plan to spend more on the winter holidays this year.

Written by Maya Robertson


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