Tinder integrates with Spotify to make connections more personal

Popular dating app Tinder is adding a new feature to the ‘Discover’ tab that it introduced in the past months. Introduced in partnership with Spotify, the ‘Music Mode’ feature will allow users to have an idea about a potential match’s music taste before matching.

The new feature, which aims to bring together partners with similar musical tastes, is based on research showing that 84% of singletons prefer to date people who share their musical tastes.

In fact, Tinder had already added a similar feature in 2016 in partnership with Spotify. The feature called ‘Anthem’ allowed users to see the favorite songs of the users they came across. However, this new ‘Music Mode’ feature offers a slightly different experience.

About 40% of all Gen Z members globally have already added Anthems to their profiles and when they do, they see a nearly 10% increase in matches, Tinder says. “Music Mode builds on the natural ties between music and human connection by letting members find others through their love of the same tunes, all while creating a party-like atmosphere that makes their Sunday night Tinder sesh more fun.” the company adds.

In order to use the new feature, you need to link your Tinder account to your Spotify account. Then, you can listen to a 30-second looped preview of a potential match’s chosen song. Likewise, other users can listen to your favorite song preview while viewing your profile. 

“Now with Music Mode, our members can experience that feeling when you’re at a party and you find out someone else loves the same songs you do,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product Innovation at Tinder. “It’s amazing how adding music as another element of discovery elevates the whole experience on Tinder. Songs are deeply personal, and Music Mode is a place to spark something new through music.”

The new Music Mode will be available globally in the coming weeks. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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